Session 2- Feb 15, 2009

PC’s Present

Guznik Rocaviche (Mike Harris)
Destrier (Jason Johnson)
Martin Greenlocke “Locke” (Darren McVittie)
Thundermane (Joe)
Nami (Jody Sherwood)
(and 2 more)

Session begins

The crew is at sea and despite the excellent sailing by the amazing captain,the seas are getting rougher. It is time to either seek some shelter or decided that the bottom of the sea is a good real estate investment. A protected but seldom used bay is spotted by the increasingly irreplacable captain. As the group approaches it becomes obvious that another group has already taken shelter there. Cautiously approaching they are made welcome and determine that they will spend the night with these fellow travelers. At first all seems well. Grund the gnome with his assistants Bletz and Tomy welcome them to their little piece of beach, share a fire and a meal and report that they are on a shipping run for one of the major houses. All of the crew settles in to get friendly and a few interesting facts are noted.

“Our Brilliant Captain”

These guys seem to be shipping for House Molt. It turns out that if you are shipping for Molt, you have the ultimate job security. Unless you turn traitor and then your career comes to an abrupt halt, along with your heartbeat. Apparently recently House Molt doubled their profits (although no one really seems to know how that happened or what led up to this remarkable event). Having so much ready investment lying about they decided to take up real estate and have bought up a great deal of outlying land. A very great deal. Houses Veldt and Graun took umbrage with this and seem to be, if not working together, than certainly offering aid and shelter to each other in efforts to work against House Molt. In between, House Toltoil is making out just fine and trying to stay neutral and sell to all sides. Apparently the whole she-bang is run by a Council of 13. Each Family sends three members and then the 13th member is the Council Chamberlain (currently Prince Vizier). The night continues with relative good cheer and as the merriment dies down there seem to be some sinister forms on the horizon. Giant spidery-horrible stuff are attacking from the seaward side while the Molt crew turns downright rude on the beach. Of course, due to the brilliant strategy of the team (what do you mean the bodyguard left the leader to fight it out on his own? And you heard half the team was drunk? They almost let the ship burn down right there in the bay? I don’t know where you are getting your information from!) the dark forces were defeated or chased away and our heros were left on the beach with a windfall of cargo they didn’t expect to have. Upon further investigation it became evident that they were a hold-full of materials to make uniforms of rival armies. Probably not a friendly thing to be transporting. Probably not a great thing for our heros to ship out with. But this group plans ahead and plans big, and I am sure that Rocaviche has some brilliant, if undiscernable, plan for it all.

Some more brilliant captain-ing leads our team with no further difficulties to the docks at Ravens Bluff. Port seems a bit tense, and the dockside area is definitely divided up, although it is difficult to say which bits are on what team. Again the captain brilliantly circumnavigates the difficulty and the ship is safely brought to port. A big ‘ole orc named Tunga Glee wants to take charge of the ship, and be paid to do it! Despite the brilliant advice of the captain, the heros leave the ship, the contraband in the hold and all of their current worldly possessions in charge of Mr. Glee and stagger off into the city to drink, whore and otherwise celebrate their glorious landfall.

A stay at “Abes Inn” provide our heros with a base of operation. While several of our team stay behind to take care of business, our fearless leaders make for the powers that be to have a pow-wow. Amazingly enough they are received by Princess Chendra, her brother Kenja and helpful man-about-the-garden Secretary Minsk. Lance Corporal Valerie leads our heros to a pleasant garden tea where things seem to be going along quite well, until the rest of our crew is dragged in in chains and the whole affair takes on an ugly cast.

Session ends

We leave our heros in the garden of Princess Chendra, working hard to find any explanation for this outrageous behavior and horrific breach of courtesy – and bemoan the fact that scones were not even offered. Who are these barbarians masqurading as nobility?



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