Session 3 - March 15, 2009

PC’s Present

Guznik Rocaviche aka “Our Fearless Leader”(Mike Harris)
Destrier (Jason Johnson)
  • (Jody Applegate)
    Nami aka “Our Brilliant Captain” (Jody Sherwood)

    Note: Last week’s chronicle seems to have been accused of slanting toward Our Brilliant Captain and ignoring the amazing capabilities of Our Brilliant Leader. Let the record show that it was duly noted, and this entry humbly seeks to refocus the attention where it belongs.

Session begins

Apparently the whole “getting arrested” thing was just meant to be a pleasant invitation to join the party. The Princess only wanted everyone together to have the opportunity to bask in the glow of the aristocracy at work.

Princess Chendra and Rocaviche apparently were on the same page, plotting and planning at a speed that the rest of the assembled cast and crew were only able to watch and marvel at. Luckily the food was fine, the day was pleasant, the chains were removed, and the nobility being throughly convinced of their own greatness and not really requiring anything from the assembled group, the marvel-ing was pleasant enough. As we had suspected, Rocaviche did have a brilliant plan for all the contraband we had shipped. He gave it away. It’s true that the powers of the land think in ways few mere mortals can comprehend. The Princess had, as expected, gone through our entire shipment with no authorization or permission whatsoever. Upon finding our cargo not to her particular taste, she decided that she needed to have a chat with all of us to see what was up. Thus the disturbing “arresting of the entire crew” incident. However Rocaviche had apparently planned for this and used our cargo and our story as a leverage point to enter into the employ of House Molt. We do gain some shipping contracts and a right to dock at ports and berths under the flag and protection of House Molt. However the crew feels a bit “iffy” about that report that “if you ship for House Molt, you are a lifer.” Rocaviche is fairly open in his quest for vengence against those he feels have wronged him (Does anyone know exactly whom these individuals are? Because sometimes the crew seems to mutter that perhaps he thinks EVERYONE in the world has wronged him, and really, who IS on the kill list?) and Princess Chendra seems to want us to hang out at her place and get ready for a ROYAL FUNCTION later in the evening to formalize the whole employment business. She kindly escorts our team to the “Golla Suites” area of the castle and turns us over to the Senechal there.

This is apparently the ideal place to undertake the business of hiring on extra hands. Offers of a future percentage of the family profits in exchange for total deniability for any wet work are made (Does this sound like an old Popeye cartoon…”I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today!”) and amazingly accepted. Again the genius of House Rocaviche leaves lesser mortals stunned and amazed.

Of course there are many preparations to be made. Important things like massages and baths and ironing clothes – really, there is even perfumed oils and such! While these vital preparations are being undertaken, the rest of the crew goes slacking about, trying to find out information about who is at the party, whether there are enemies lurking about, who else is invited to tonights ROYAL EVENT and so forth. A possible contact – a goblin by the name of Lt. Norgert – is found and it is apparent that there will be quite a little assemblage of species gathered there tonight, however all seems on the up and up, the ship is still in one piece in the harbor and, fancy invitations in hand, we all meet back up at the fountain in the town square.

Apparently when Rocaviche shows up, everyone wants to be sure they are following his trend-setting style. Who knew he was such a red-carpet guy? There in the fountain square there are a distressing number of dopplegangers somehow associated with the Eye of Gromish trying to look just like Rocaviche and his entourage. And, just like the papparazzi everywhere they are extremely difficult to discourage. Finally they are convinced that they will NOT be attending this little event wearing the same outfit as Our Fearless Leader and they shuffle themselves back to wherever they came from.

The event itself cannot be described. The clothes…the food…the fancy decor… the tiefling? Hold up! A sworn enemy of Our Fearless Leader is here exchanging notes with the Dear Princess. This seems unsavory, and a little rude! What of the blossoming romace between the Princess and the Leader? Apparently the Princess is somewhat of a player and not entirely to be trusted with Rocaviche’s heart (what? you mean we have already entrusted her with our cargo, our ship, our lives and our futures? How can this be?) While the tiefling is discreetly followed, the Princess is approached. In another amazing and completely unexpected move Rocaviche tells her everything about the attack, the tiefling, the rudeness of her dockworkers…everything! He holds nothing back, no cards to his chest, simply gives her every bit of knowledge and information he holds. Again, there is nothing left to do but stare in stunned amazement at this brilliance. How amazingly lucky his crew is to be able to stand near him at times like this.

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The Princess is cavalier about her ongoing dealings with the hateful tiefling, in essence playing coy with Rocaviche and saying that she will shun no suitor ( I mean business opportunity) until it is proven to be in her best interest. She is, however, deeply concerned about the interest that parties have shown in imitating Rocaviche. She offers us her generosity in the form of employment (that may or may not include a small slice of our souls) and her hospitality in the form of a beautiful set of suites here on the castle grounds (that may or may not be the nicest prison the crew has ever stayed in) while she makes a few inquiries of her own.

Session ends

Our intrepid heros find themselves in a rather luxurious set of digs, wondering who is trying to be them, what cargo the Princess may have for them on the morrow and why was the Princess so very eager to release their ship from it’s impound at the docks?



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