Martin Greylocke

An ex-freedom fighter and sometimes mercenary, he channels the spirits of the fey realms.


Martin Greylocke “Locke” (Darren McVittie) is a Half-Elf (High Elf) in the employ of House Rocaviche and channels the powers of the fey realms. He is concerned with the using trade or whatever tools available to bring civilization and freedom to the world at large.

Fear: Acrophobia || Belief: Personal Freedom || Fear: Savages || Love: Family || Secret: Destier’s house died at hands of Locke’s house. Was part of the team that was responsible for Guznik’s mother’s death.

This character is a liberator in the guise of a businessman. By channeling his fey blood he blesses friend and curses foe. His role is that of primary striker in combat.

Martin Greylocke

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