Session 1 - Jan 18 2009

Campaign Themes

(as determined by PC’s)


PC’s Present

Guznik Rocaviche (Mike Harris) is the nominal leader during this session. He is the second son of merchant lord Androv Rocaviche, head of one of the three merchant houses in Tantras. He is not in good standing with this father right now and is scrambling to cover losses and battling this brother’s perception that he is weak.

Fear: Discovery || Belief: Father still love’s him || Hate: Nouveau riche || Love: No home || Secret: Guznik is the reincarnation of a necromancer. Has unnatural attraction and fear of undead.

This character is a Merchant/Linquist and has knowledge of the arcane arts. He fills the role of primary controller in combat.

Destrier (Jason Johnson) is Guznik’s protector and shadows him at all times. Eladrin (Gold Elf) Bladedancer from the feywild, the house in which he served was destroyed during the collapse of the Feywild into the Realms during the Spellplague. He loves order, structure, planning and is incredibly loyal.

Fear: Claustrophobic || Belief: Honorbound || Hate: Unseely Fey || Love: Xenophile || Secret: From the weakest and poorest of the old fey houses. Has a bastard child with a human.

This character is honorguard and versed in servitude to nobility. This character is a duelist trained in both short and long steels. His role is that of primary defender in combat.

Martin Greenlocke “Locke” (Darren McVittie) is a Half-Elf (High Elf) in the employ of House Rocaviche and channels the powers of the fey realms. He is concerned with the using trade or whatever tools available to bring civilization and freedom to the world at large.

Fear: Acrophobia || Belief: Personal Freedom || Fear: Savages || Love: Family || Secret: Destier’s house died at hands of Locke’s house. Was part of the team that was responsible for Guznik’s mother’s death.

This character is a liberator in the guise of a businessman. By channeling his fey blood he blesses friend and curses foe. His role is that of primary striker in combat.

Potential PC’s (Not Present)

“Thundermane” (Tracy Wylie) is a duskblade with a lightning affinity. She spent her youth as and orphan cloistered with clerics, monks and paladins of Selune, but when she showed a gift for arcane sword work she was encouraged to leave and discover herself. Her faith remains, but clearly the powers have other paths for her to walk. Life was more complicated outside the cloister, and now she works as labor and protection for House Rocaviche. Her role, as light shock trooper, is secondary defender in combat. Temporary characteristics: Fear: Abandonment || Belief: There is a reason that Selune did not give her parents || Hate: Yelling and loud arguments || Love: Cleanliness/order || Secrets pending…

“Nami” (Jody Sherwood) is a Genasi – A human infused with energies of the primordial/elemental realms. She has many faces depending on the weather and her mood: Soft as a breeze, strong as the tide, fierce as a storm. She is the pilot for the majority of Guznik’s operations and has more loyalty to him than the house. Her role, as a well trained merchant marine, is as primary leader in combat.

Session Begins:
North shore of the Moonsea, in the Free City of Hulberg

Orc and ogre invaders to the north cause the team to flee home (south) from a trading endeavor, losing all cargo (at least temporarily). The team returned to its home port of Tantras, the nominal capital of the Principalities of Vesperin. You found that the prince has rescinded your dock slots and reallocated them to a new trade agreement with a principality from Raven’s Bluff. Investigation showed that this was timed to coincide with the head of House Rocaviche’s absence to the south for trade negotiations in Sembia. It is not known if the prince did this on purpose or if the other two trading houses in town short sheeted Rocaviche. Guznik’s older brother, second in command, sent the group to talk to the prince’s vizier, but no headway was made there. In order to potentially turn a loss into a win, the team sets off to the principalities of Raven’ Bluff to determine if Rocaviche can secure the shipping rights to this new trade venue, in effect getting back the docks and no longer having to pay for usage. On the first leg of this trip, during moonlight and rough tides (parked on a sand bar) the swift boat of the team was attacked by several unmarked people in an unorganized attack. They appeared to be dock workers or laborers in kayaks after investigation…

Session Ends:
Twenty Miles West of Raven’s Bluff off the southern coast of the Principality of Vesperin.

Important people/organizations met or named:
Prince Gelmest – Prince of Tantras || Princess Chendra – One of three princes of Raven’s Bluff || Mendel – Officer with rival house Vardadt, fled Hulberg with him || Avery – Half Orc working for Vardadt || Truska – Mendel’s daughter || House Shilish, other rival house || Cheld – Androv’s oldest son (age 35) || Anja – Androv’s oldest daughter (age 32) || Telda – Androv’s youngest daughter (age 27), full sister to Guznik, friendly with Destrier || Bronjoi – Human, Chelds right hand man || Echlust – Androv’s court connection with prince || Weldin – Rocaviche dockmaster || Trune – Ogre woman, Rocaviche master chief || Horst – Teifling, Rocaviche master chief. || Vizier Uld – Senior advisor to prince Gelmest, hostile.


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